1909 Kitchen Design

Georgian Shaker

Carefully combining classical styling with embellished detailing, the 1909 Georgian is truly graceful.  The Georgian beading brings more detailed framing to the 1909 Shaker or Ovolo collection when you want a step-up from pure and simple.

1909 Shaker Kitchen
Great British Kitchen Design

Beautifully Ornate Features

The delicate embellishment lends itself perfectly to a traditional kitchen or restored home blending seamlessly with original features.

  • Details

    The Georgian door combines the classic proportions of a traditional Shaker frame, with an embellished, raised beading detail to bring distinguished character to any kitchen design.

  • Base Units

    Base Unit Pull-Outs are designed with your kitchen life in mind. Whether a keen baker who needs ingredients within reach, an avid cook who loves to use spices and oils, or simply someone who is dreaming of an organised kitchen, 1909 pullouts ensure your kitchen essentials are always neat, tidy and close to hand.  

  • Drawer Organisation

    Put an end to aimless rummaging with a wide range of superb drawer organisation solutions, allowing you to make the most of your storage space. From cutlery trays and knife blocks, to food storage and plate holders, 1909 cleverly designed and expertly crafted drawer organisation inserts will ensure your kitchen is just as beautiful on the inside, as it is on the outside. 

  • Corner Solutions

    The innovative curves of the LeMans shelves allow them to smoothly glide from the inside of your corner cupboard, bringing the whole shelve and its contents within easy reach to maximise your kitchens storage potential. 


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